We Are A Perennial Powerhouse

The Niagara University Purple Eagle Battalion consistently ranks in the top 10% of all Army ROTC programs in the nation. Additionally, over each of the last 4 years, the percentage of seniors selected for active duty service has exceeded 80%, far above the national average of 51%. When you think of ROTC programs, we continue to be a perennial powerhouse.

Making ROTC part of your college curriculum is a smart choice. Army ROTC is a unique college elective that enhances your degree with leadership training and experience that no other college course can offer. Students can enroll in Army ROTC and receive academic credit toward their degree without incurring any military obligation for the first two years.

For those students who choose to pursue a military career in either the active army or reserve component, scholarships are available. For more information on scholarships, check out Army ROTC Scholarships.

In a few short years you will be competing for a job with thousands of other potential applicants with the same or similar degree. Set yourself apart from the crowd with the leadership abilities and team-building skills that ROTC provides. Show future employers that you have real-life experience dealing with people and solving problems and that you can work and lead in a team-oriented environment. AND - if you are serious about becoming an Army Officer, why not go to the best program in the nation?