The Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) and Army Reserve National Guard (ARNG) Scholarship is designed for people who have prior military service and would like to commission into the Army National Guard or Army Reserve.

The GRFD/ARNG Scholarship Programs provides soldiers with the opportunity to compete for full scholarships worth up to $24,000 per year plus $1200 annually for school books. PLUS at Niagara University, all ROTC scholarship students receive FULL room and board at Niagara University's Scenic campus!

Interested soldiers must meet the following criteria in order to compete for a GRFD\ARNG Scholarship:

  1. The soldier must be a member of the New York Army National Guard or US Army Reserve
  2. Be enrolled in the Simultaneous Membership Program
  3. Be enrolled in a Reserve Officers Training Corps Program
  4. Be a non-scholarship ROTC Cadet
  5. Be contracted as an MS III or MS IV Cadet.

GRFD\ARNG Scholarship recipients will also receive:

  • $450 monthly ROTC stipend (MS III) or,
  • $500 monthly ROTC stipend (MS IV) and,
  • $240 weekend drill pay (E5 pay grade or present grade, whichever is higher),

And at Niagara - you will receive free room and board! Worth $10,000!

If the Cadet is eligible to receive a Montgomery GI Bill basic benefit such as:

  • $272 per month (as a full-time student), Chapter 1606 Selected Reserve – MGIB or
  • $800 per month (as a full-time student), Chapter 30 Active Duty – MGIB, he or she may contract for:

The Montgomery GI Bill Kicker Program, $350 per month (as a full-time student).

That's a total of between $575 and $1,775 per month, depending upon the benefits you qualify for, in addition to the GRFD Scholarship. Complete your degree, earn a commission and help lead the Army National Guard into the future! 

What is the difference between the GRFD Scholarship and the Dedicated ARNG Scholarship?

GRFD Scholarship: Cadets receiving the GRFD Scholarship must serve eight(8) years in the Army Guard or the U.S. Army Reserve upon commissioning.

ARNG Scholarship: Cadets receiving the Dedicated ARNG Scholarship must serve eight(8) years in the Army National Guard upon commissioning.