ROTC Cadets Recognized During Spring 2016 Awards Ceremony

  • Apr 22, 2016

ROTC Cadets Recognized During Spring 2016 Awards Ceremony

The Niagara University ROTC program held its annual spring awards ceremony at the Castellani Art Museum on Thursday, April 21, 2016.

Congratulations to the following cadets:

Middleport American Legion Post 938 Award:

  • Dustin Schulz

Niagara County Committee American Legion Auxiliary Award:

  • Rochelle Thomas

Leo Dolan Post 410 Award:

  • Brian Duncan and Nathan Jaquith

Wheatfield Post 1451 Award:

  • Tyler Martin

American Legion Frederick F. Cadille Post 1664 Award:

  • Peter Caputo

American Legion LaSalle Post 1142 Award:

  • Tiernan Callahan-McCann, Stephen Siedlecki, Denis Segrue, and Zachary Nutter

Stephen Sikora American Legion Post 1322 Award:

  • Jacque-Leen Taylor

America Legion District 8 Scholastic Medal:

  • Kathleen Malloy

America Legion District 8 Military Leadership Award:

  • Zachary Nutter

American Legion District 8 Auxiliary Scholastic Award:

  • Joe Fumerelle

National Defense Transportation Association Award:

  • Zachary Nutter

USAA Spirit Award:

  • Mark Dryfhout

Military Officers Association of Western New York Award:

  • Dennis Segrue

Distinguished Military Graduates:

  • Ben Geblein
  • Zachary Nutter
  • Rochelle Thomas
  • Tyler Martin
  • Marie Olszewski
  • Casey Rebovich
  • Jeff Wojtkowski

The following cadets have been ranked by the Niagara University cadre as the top cadets in their military science classes:

  • MSI: Collin Leith
  • MSII: Allen Smith
  • MSIII: Kathleen Malloy
  • MSIV: Marie Olszewski

Army ROTC Awards Ceremony | 04.21.16

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