We have opportunities that few other universities can match.

All Niagara University ROTC scholarships cover tuition and most fees for the duration of the scholarship (up to $24,000, plus $1,200 yearly for books, and a yearly stipend of $3,000 - $5,000 paid monthly). In addition, Niagara University provides terrific room and board incentives to all scholarship winners (full room and board paid by the University for all scholarship winners including Green to Gold & GRFD - worth $10,000).  Choose Army Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard Service. 

Current Career Opportunities

Active Duty

Full time active duty in the United States Army with specialized training


The Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) Scholarship Program and Dedicated Army National Guard (ARNG) Scholarship Program provides soldiers with the opportunity to compete for full scholarships worth up to $24,000 per year!

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Green to Gold

This program is for active duty enlisted personnel who wish to become commissioned officers in the Army. Participants are discharged early from active duty to attend college and return as a commissioned officer after college.

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2 Year RN to BSN

Niagara University now offers an RN to BSN completion program! You can earn your BSN degree at Niagara for free with a 2 year full scholarship! Join Army ROTC and become an Army Nurse, a proven leader!

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Ready to get started?

If you are thinking about attending Niagara University, then you should know that NU ROTC offers substantial scholarship opportunities available for awarding in both Fall and Spring sessions to scholars, athletes and leaders. If you are in high school, we recommend that you start your scholarship application immediately by going to

If you have graduated from high school, and are in college or the Armed Forces, please contact Mr. Sean Donohue at or 716-286-8235 for assistance.