The Purple Eagle Battalion's Army ROTC Program is designed to augment the college learning experience; identifying and developing future leaders is the cornerstone of the program. Its primary goals are to identify, instruct, and commission young men and women for service as officers either in the United States Army Reserve, Army National Guard with a local or hometown assignment, or Active Duty in the US Army with a world-wide assignment.  Intermediate goals include providing students with those managerial skills necessary to organize and effectively run a student club, a small business, or a U.S. Army platoon.

The Basic Course

The Basic Course is a prerequisite to the Advanced Course.  Here at Niagara University, you will take one Military Science elective course and a lab per semester along with the requisite physical training and field training exercises.  You can take Army ROTC Basic Courses with or without a military commitment.

However, for students who have already completed one or two years of study, and have not taken ROTC classes, NU offers accelerated programs to those interested in becoming an Army Officer. The first, offered to incoming sophomores, is called the "compression" program. Simply stated, the student will take or "compress" all four semesters of the Basic Course in their sophomore year. The second program is for incoming juniors or graduate students. It is a four week internship held each summer at Fort Knox, Kentucky. For more details check out Basic Camp.

The Advanced Course

The Advanced Course is a two-year officer education program (12 credit hours) leading to a commission in the US Army Active Service, or the Army Reserve Service, or the Army National Guard Service. In the Advanced Course you will learn advanced military tactics and gain experience in team organization, planning and decision-making.  To enroll in the Advanced Course, a student must have completed either the Basic Course or attended the Basic Camp and be at least a Junior in college (60 credit hours), with a minimum 2.5 Q.P.A., and has successfully passed a US Army Physical Fitness Test, and meets weight standards. The curriculum continues where the Basic Course leaves off, and is focused on tactics and military leadership.