Crouched CadetThe Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC), also known as Warrior Forge is a nationally sponsored world class training exercise conducted each summer at Fort Lewis, Washington.  This advanced training opportunity is considered by many to be the single most influential training experience in the career of an Army ROTC student.  It offers cadets an excellent perspective on active army life and provides a unique environment for students from over 272 college campuses across the country to meet and conduct high intensity, high quality leadership training.  In recent years, Niagara University students have consistently excelled in all aspects of Warrior Forge. 

The course objective is to TRAIN Cadets to Army standards, DEVELOP leadership, and EVALUATE officer leadership potential.  Warrior Forge is intentionally rigorous and designed to build individual confidence through the accomplishment of challenging and demanding training.  The days are long with considerable night training and little time off.  Throughout their 32 days of camp, Cadets encounter physical and mental obstacles that challenge them as individuals, soldiers and leaders.  Students gain and build self-confidence with the successful completion of each training task.  Squad and platoon competitions further develop teamwork and cohesion and add to the fun.  When all is said and done, our Cadets are better prepared to accept additional responsibility as citizens and future leaders of society and our Army in the 21st century.   

It is critical that students arrive at the Leadership Development and Assessment Course in the best physical condition possible prepared to undergo the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).  So, our training program here at Niagara is tailored to set them up for success on this test.  Other training includes land navigation, rifle marksmanship, water safety, the field leaders reaction course, hand grenade and automatic weapons training, patrolling and various other small unit situational training exercises.  Throughout their training, students serve in a variety of  leadership positions where they are evaluated on their teamwork, organizational skills and leadership potential during each of the scheduled training events. 

To attend Warrior Forge students must:

  • Be contracted in the ROTC program
  • Have completed the first year of the ROTC advanced course (MIL 301/ MIL 302)
  • Have completed the first year on campus leadership assessment
  • Be able to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (Pushups/ Situps & 2 Mile Run)
  • Be medically qualified
  • Be selected to attend by the Professor of Military Science

Remember, the purpose of this course is to produce trained, confident and competent leaders who are ready to accept the responsibilities of a commissioned officer and to lead 35-40 people in their first job after college.  To learn more, visit the LDAC Website.