Leadership Courses

The Leader’s Training Course, formerly known as Basic Camp or “Camp Challenge”, is a fully paid, twenty-eight day training camp located at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  The course is normally attended by students between the sophomore and junior years of college who are interested in pursuing an officer commission in the United States Army.

This is where you’ll learn basic military skills through hands-on training while acquiring knowledge that other Cadets may have gained through two years of on-campus ROTC classroom and leadership lab training or prior military service.

Whether it's business, politics or the military you'll need leadership skills and traits to be successful. Not only must you possess these skills and traits but you must be competent. Competence is the key. Without leadership competence you'll lack the confidence to handle stressful, challenging, tough situations.

The Leader's Training Course offers you some very special skills while simultaneously presenting you a combination of mental and physical challenges -- challenges that are specifically  designed to bring out your leadership potential. It's full of adventure, excitement and it's fun. An added benefit is the opportunity it provides to meet many other college students and establish some valuable and potentially lifelong relationships. In many ways, this course will raise your leadership stock in an amazingly short period of time - twenty-eight days!


You may attend the Leader’s Training Course if you:Cadets Running


  • Have not completed Military Science I and II
  • Are medically qualified to attend
  • Are a junior or community college graduate admitted to any ROTC school and
    have no prior active or Reserve Component military service
  • Are a graduate student starting a two-year program
  • Are a U.S. citizen under 30 years of age
  • Are not a single parent or married with more than three dependents
  • Meet Army height and weight standards


Benefits of Attending the Leader’s Training Course:

  • Opportunity to qualify for the ROTC advanced course and an eventual officer
    commission in the U.S. Army
  • Conditional contracting – initiated before you attend camp and completed
    upon successful camp completion
  • Summer fun, fitness, and adventure
  • Earn a two-year full scholarship to Niagara University!  The scholarship pays for full tuition and fees, room and board, a monthly stipend and $900 yearly for books!